The Routes of Vertical Dance

“The routes of vertical dance” is a public lecture about the first generation of vertical dance artists. It is the result of my own research and introduces and documents the exceptional evolution of vertical dance from its inception until the present day. Track the history of this unique art form now, at this incredible moment of invention, is an important undertaking for present and future generationsI will introduce the choreographers, performers, practitioners and companies that have contributed to the development and the knowledge of vertical dance through their research and creation.
I have considered here artists who have worked consistently in dance, many of whom have a strong dance training. In addition, their work is representative of various themes and issues that have more generally concerned site specific performance in urban space. Several choreographers and artists who could be considered part of the original movement have not been included here for a number of reasons that I will explain during the talk. Each artist presented in the history represents a different approach and an unique vision for vertical dance. On buildings, in urban and rural environments, on historical architectures, in nature, on mountains, on trees, in the theatre, hanging from a crane, from a bridge; each of these personal paths of movement on vertical planes reveals first-hand, personal experience, process, passion and performance. The lecture begins with the presentation of the

Timeline, a chronological order of vertical dance artists from 1960 until now. This is followed by the Geographical Map that illustrates the spread of vertical dance, including all the existing companies in the world. To complete the presentation we will see a collection of 16 short videos  (some rare) edited into one film.